Floral Flowers At A Most Curious Wedding Fair 2013

Mystic Magic returning to the scene of last years winter triumph.
Having already won the Bridal Next title - 'Most Curious One to Watch 2012', we were wonderfully invited yet again to A Most Curious Wedding Fair at St Andrews Hall in Norwich to help accessorise the beautiful wedding catwalk shows .

Being a Spring/summer wedding fair (although snowy blizzard conditions set in throughout the day) the floral flowers were in, from the flower petal covered catwalk through to the majority of stunning exhibitors parading and showcasing their latest flower inspired designs.
Mystic Magic was an exception (as always we like to be different) and threw at the public our latest Steam Punk Couture collection, headpieces and gas masks, hot from the previous weeks Norwich Fashion Week Mash-Up finale!
We certainly raised a few eyebrows, gained a lot of attention and quite few flashing cameras giving us some supper photos.
Our creative theme for this year was 'Love & War' depicted across our table with gun bullets, crumbling bricks, goggles and gas masks etc... to evoke the WWII period atmosphere with a hint of in style Vintage. 
The Mystic Magic input for this years wedding catwalk shows consisted of accessorising with masks and head wear for the adorable little girls from Katie Bishop's (Best Of Youth) Bridal Next entry showing that we can cater design for people of all ages!, Katie Coe's Vintage Deli and the main fashion show finale.
Another highly successful trip to Norwich!
Thank you so much to Becky, Gemma and the whole Curious Wedding Team as well as all the beautiful models that happily wore our creations, photographers, exhibitors and of course the wonderful public that braved the cold weather to come and see us!

We also give out another tremendous thank you to Nicola who has been so perfectly kind, supportive and brilliantly helpful throughout the last two weeks. we couldn't have done it without you!
Thank You!!!

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