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One Planet - The Sustainable Fashion Creation

Earlier this month we had the fantastic opportunity to design and handcraft a full look outfit to showcase at the One Planet Festival in Norwich's The Forum building.
Alongside a team of 9 other wining designers, we was all given a choice of eco fabric recycled from plastic bottles and fishing nets with a budget of £40 to spend in Anglian Fabrics (Norwich's no1 go to haberdashery shop) and the brief to come up with an all unique outfit that not only promotes the positives of recyclable fashion in todays industry but also shows it to the best of its quality in style and wearable design.
Set up by the UK's national plastic recycling initiative, Pledge4Plastics, and also endorsed by Marks and Spencer, this rather high profile event took place on Saturday 9th June during the hustle and bustle of a busy sunny day with on end of public visitors stopping by to view one of the 3 catwalk shows repeated throughout the day.
For my winning design I chose to use a fabulous 4 way stre…

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