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A Moulin Rouge Bridal Headpiece

This past year/months/days since the covid epidemic has proven to be very hard on both the physical and mental aspects of working life or rather life in general! Luckily being an online business I’ve continued to keep most my work coming in from all over, mainly via my Etsy shop . One recent commission I wanted to share about was a bridal headpiece inspired by an iconic look Nicole Kidman wore in the captivating musical film, Moulin Rouge . The exquisite headpiece consists of an oriental indian style adorned with jewels, embroidery, beads, metalwork and sparkling richness. All great qualities for a show stopping wedding. My client wanted to keep to being unique with this commission and requested the colour pallet to be made up of white tones with hints of gold to match with her wedding dress.  I chose to use a mixture of pearl beads and clear Swarovski to embellish the embroidery appliqués which I had previously already added in some gold tread details. The headband was also decorated

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