Halloween Costume Inspiration

It's the most wonderful time of the year!
Halloween is on the way and the seasons are in transitioning. Now’s the time to start planning your wickedly cool costume to put the fashion creepers on all unsuspecting mortals.
Dress to impress and look the best at this year’s spook-tastic party events!
Here's a few fresh Mystic Magic ideas to help get you started...
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The Bewitching Hour

Time to break away and ditch the old pointy hat with broom, a new age of witchery has begun and she's all about the finer things in life. Add some enchanting style to your witch's wardrobe with a statement headpiece or mask influenced by the dark arts.
Eyes are the gateway to the sole and can speak a thousand words with just one seductive stare. Draw in your lustful victims with some dramatic eye popping makeup and seal the deal with a deadly kiss!
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Theatrics are not dead! - If your still looking to go down the ultimate scare factor extreme why not take a leaf from our spell book and look into some FX Makeup Prosthetics for a full facial transformation minus the painful surgery!
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Demonic Uprising

 If you go down to the woods today your sure of a BIG surprise!
Raise the dead and release the demon within, our bone crunching masks say it all for those that are after minimal flair to creating a simple costumed look.
Great for the shy gentlemen who fuss about what to wear without looking too silly.
mystic magic, halloween, demonic, zombie, demon, grave, maskmystic magic, halloween, demonic, zombie, demon, grave, mask

Simple yet effective our Demonic masks look fantastic when accompanied by a black suited style for a classy masked ball party.

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mystic magic, halloween, demonic, zombie, demon, grave, mask, leather maskmystic magic, halloween, demonic, zombie, demon, grave, mask, leather mask

Day Of The Dead

Dance to the sound of the drums and celebrate Halloween the Mexican way in a burst of colourful expression. Go wild with makeup and let your creativity run riot!
Lace, feathers, roses, bones, pearls and more, whatever you can find throw it together and make the most of a DIY costume success - there's beauty within the horrors of death.
They sure know how to throw a party.
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Shades Of A Darker Grey

In the wake of anticipation for the new Shades Of Grey movie set to arrive next year and the great success of the first edition, we predict alongside everyone going totally stir crazy to dress up as characters from the latest Suicide Squad there will be a fair few couples out there wanting to live out their erotic Shades Of Grey fantasies!
To create a ready-to-wear sexy party costume with a striking punk fashion fetish twist without making it look too sleazy!
we recommend using comfortable elastics, soft ropes, lace, chains, spike studs, leather and stretchy materials to shape up a body hugging rope binding head turning style.
Think rope boob tubes, gloves, draping chains and playful lingerie. 

Spooky Spirits

One of our most favourite Halloween themes to go by, why not choose to dress up as a ghoulish ghost with a difference!
Cultural history and urban legends open up this style to a never ending abyss of possibilities. Oozy makeup, dripping lips, ashy pigment powders and a dusting of glitter can make all the difference in creating a standout haunting look. 

Still stuck for ideas?
Be sure to check out the Mystic Magic website to see our full range of ready to buy Halloween designs and more.
We're also on hand to help out with any costume advice that you may need plus have a newly updated Bespoke Page too for those that are looking into having something extra special created for their party event.
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