Au Revoir 2015! Our Top 5 Memorable Moments

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Photography By Paul Winstone.

Surely it can't be that time already! Where has the year gone?!

We've been swept up in such a crazy whirlwind of madness that it's almost like Mystic Magic has hitched a ride with Dorothy to Oz, wicked witches in all! 

Whilst I can just about stop my head from spinning to regain some sense of normality, I want to take this moment of treasured time to catch my breath and reflect on our top 5 highlights of 2015.

Get ready as this countdown is going to be a corker! 

5.Vogue Features x2 and Magazine Interviews
It's certainly been no secret throughout this year we have spent a great percentage of our time targeting the local press and media in Norfolk, as after all that's where our roots first took shape. We thought it was about time to stir up some excitement and echo the voice of Mystic Magic across the county by sharing an insightful taster into our fantastical world of fantasy.

Magazine interview features As Seen in Iceni, KL Magazine, Lynn News, Norfolk Magazine, Suffolk Norfolk and Eastern Daily Press.

Our goal was to share my unique story in the hope of inspiring others to get creative and aim high proving anyone can live a dream if they just have the courage to take that first step in starting their adventure.

Plus it was also a huge Hello to many who'd never even heard of us before!

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Along with having the local media in a frenzy to know more about Mystic Magic we also managed to bag ourselves not one but Two back page features in British Vogue spread across the September and October months as well as international features with Gilded Magazine and a second epic 10 page editorial with Dark Beauty.

mystic magic, photography, black swan, game of thrones, photo, fantasy, painting, enchanted, anna konstantynowicz, crown, evil queen, creative photography, inspiring photos,
As Seen in Gilded Magazine (May 2015), Photography by Anna Konstantynowicz.

To find out more about our press and media coverage from 2015 and to catch up on all the latest interviews, please visit the Mystic Magic Press Page.

4. Photo Shoot collaborations

Although our creative photo shoots this year took a bit of a step back while we worked behind the scenes on other projects and allowed a small selection of trusted photographers to interpret their own imagination with our designs, we still had quite a few Great collaborations to reminisce about and were lucky enough to have the pleasure of being on location for.

Here's a few of our favourites from the trusted photographers...

mystic magic, raven dress, feathers, black, raven feathers, feather dress, high fashion, photo, photography, couture fashion, fantasy, black and white, black dress, inspiring photos, creative couture, theatrical,
Photography By Kaitlyn Alice.

mystic magic, creative photos, inspiring images, black swan, crown, enchanted, magical, dark, gothic, photo, photography, gothic photography, dark beauty, fairytale, painting, wings,
Photography By Anna Konstantynowicz.
mystic magic, bridal fashion, charleston, creative, photo, wedding photography, beauty, pretty, princess photo shoot, mystic magic headpiece,
Photo By Emily Brown Photography.
mystic magic, lee woodward, dark, dark beauty, photo, gothic photo, creative photos, inspiring photography, black and white, high fashion photography,
Photography By Lee Woodward.
mystic magic, halloween, spider, mask, couture mask, fashion mask, masquerade, webbed, black, photo, halloween photography, modelling, studio photography,
Photo By Tsiphotography.
mystic magic, angel wings, falle angel, white feathers, wings, angellic, beauty, photo, inspiring images, creatve photography, fantasy, fashion, feathers,
Photography By James Kerwin Photographic.
mystic magic, lace mask, male modelling, fashion, halloween fashion, halloween, creative photos, inspiring images, studio photography, dark beauty, gothic, dark fantasy, couture mask, masquerade mask, halloween mask, demonic, day of the dead, bat mask, high fashion,
Photography By Anna Konstantynowicz.

3.Shades Of Grey Collection

mystic magic, couture masks, shade of grey, fifty shades of grey, colection fashion masks, maks, masquerade, fetish, high fashion, erotic romance, lace, fashion designer, fairytale, fantasy, dark,

One of the biggest and most anticipated releases of the year has to be our Shades Of Grey Collection also know as 'Shades Of...'.

mystic magic, shades of grey, fifty shades of grey, bondage, high fashion photography, photo, creative photography, rope, designer sun glasses, couture fashion,

Accompanied by a brilliant high fashion promotional photo shoot undertaken by the very talented Lee Woodward Photography and editorial published in international Dark Beauty magazine, this collection of designs delved deep into the shadows of Mystic Magic awakening a new leash of marketing catered for those who are lovers of the Erotic Romance.
mystic magic, couture masks, shade of grey, fifty shades of grey, colection fashion masks, maks, masquerade, fetish, high fashion, erotic romance, lace, fashion designer, fairytale, fantasy, dark,
We even unleashed a stylish selection of fashion shades too!
mystic magic, glasses, style, couture sun glasses, shade of grey, fifty shades of grey, colection, fashion glasses, shades, fetish, high fashion, erotic romance, lace, fashion designer, fairytale, fantasy, dark,

2. Crowdfunding campaign

Some of you might be able to remember way back in June when we announced the launch of our Indiegogo campaign to raise funds for helping complete our first ever full fashion catwalk collection entitled Redemption. Still a working progress that shall continue into 2016, this theatrical collection is set to be the defining moment for Mystic Magic where once completed we shall submit the finished set to London Fashion Week for showcasing on their luxurious runway.

Throughout the whole process from start to the very end we had so much friendly support from fans all over the world including those closest to us who we can't even begin to thank enough for having faith and belief in our fantastical vision...

mystic magic, dark ballerina, couture fashion, style, high fashion, dark beauty, black, lace, fashion designer, creative couture, fashion photography, gothic, inspiring,

And after lots of hard work promoting, much perseverance and everyone who lovingly made a contribution, we surprised all including ourselves when we actually reached the target goal of 100% - Hooray!!! 

1.Strictly Come Dancing

And finally our number one highlight of this year without a doubt has to be the Strictly Halloween pro dance routine special where any good Mystic Magic fan will know how we crazily just about made a whole collection of 12 chess headpieces in under a week with no time to spare and very little sleep!

Only the stars above know how we managed to pull it off as even now when I look back I'm still completely baffled pondering on the idea of achieving this tremendous challenge!

Strictly Come Dancing, Halloween, Mystic Magic, halloween 2015, chess, game of chess, dancing, white, fashion show, headwear, headpiece, couture, celebrity dancing, TV, BBC,
The Strictly Come Dancing dancers – (C) BBC – Photographer: Guy Levy

Want to know more about our Strictly experience and see the whole performance again, Be sure to check out the insiders Blog post.

Well that's it for our 2015 tornado of crazy! Looking back we've actually achieved far more than first realised and are as always extremely grateful to everyone who's worked with us along the way. All the models, new friendships made including our lovely clientele and our ever growing fan base who without your all important support wouldn't allow us to be were we are now.
Every day is a true blessing to be shared.
I personally want to give an extra special thank you to Mystic Magic's PR Emma and PA Dean who's uplifting support and hard work throughout this year has harvested us some Great opportunities and sown many new seeds for the future. Thank you Emma and Dean!!
And finally one last thank you to Lee Woodward who's quickly becoming our #1 favourite photographer and has massively helped us with our product photography, giving the Mystic Magic website a cleanly fresh feel!
 Bring On 2016!


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