Supporting Our Creative Fashion Campaign

Calling all Mystic Magic angels! It's time to get involved and show just how much you truly love us! 

We've set up an Indiegogo campaign that needs you support in helping us achieve the completion of our First Ever full creative couture collection to be submitted towards London Fashion Week. 

Ever wanted the chance to be apart of something more in life, something BIG! Well nows that time! 

With designs inspired by the religiously undead and those who are trapped within the horrors of limbo itself, our spiritual mind has blown off the lid yet again to design a high fashion gothic collection filled with history, cultural couture, Angels, Demons, Mourning Brides and an infusion of so much more!...

I bring to you an all exclusive collection, set to transform the face of Mystic Magic itself bring us out of the fairytale and into a new dimension. It's time to descend into my world of,

Already social ears have been twitching in great amounts of excitement gaining sneaky snippets and secret news leaks to what we have in store for this collection. So far we've made publications in Dark Beauty, Gilded and most recently an exclusive up to date interview with the local press lifting only the tiniest corner to our rather large blacken veil.


For me to achieve my target goal before June 25th, we need you to get all behind us in making generous contributions to support the full completion of this collection including a short fashion video which will be the all important introduction setting a theatrical atmosphere on the catwalk.

"As part of a massive thank you to those who contribute they'll be given an exclusive VIPs first sneak peek at the finished fashion film." 

And if that wasn't enough, we have also got a great growing selection of 'Perks' up for grabs as an extra thank you to anyone who wants to help out.

For an example if you was to contribute £25, you would have helped us to fund materials to complete one fourth of a full look! and in return for your generosity you'll be able to claim a 5 piece set of luxurious glossy Mystic Magic fashion stickers! 

£34 contribution you'd get a pair of stunning Must Have designer sunglasses straight from our latest published 'Shades Of...' photo shoot in a choice of natural or black.

And so on... Why not check out our campaign page to see what else is up for grabs and on offer, Trust me there are some great gifts!

I love you but I can't afford to contribute?!

Thats totally ok as even so we each all have a fun part to play in making this creative vision a reality! No supporter gets left behind! 

If you can't stretch to a contribution you can still leave just as much of a lasting impact by using the indiegogo sharing tools to your advantage and build the boost in our 'gogofactor' search results. The higher up ranking we get the better seen we are from all others including new undiscovered contributors. 

Leaving a lasting impression

I have a fantastic belief in the unimaginable potential to what my Redemption collection holds and all that I can really ask is for you to have that same belief in me to. My talents and imagination knows no boundaries. Those who have a good taste for what I do will know very well of all my previous successes and for my closest friends they will know just how much of a emotional impact achieving this campaign holds.

To find out more to my story and the Redemption journey plus making them all important contributions, Please visit our Indiegogo campaign page at, 

Thank You!!


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