Halloween Horror, A Month Of Spooktastic Releases

What an exciting month this has been! The last few weeks have seen a huge helping of fresh new releases flying onto our Creepy Advent Calendar.

Exclusive photography, special discounts, competitions and some new Mystic Magic designs too, we've gone all out on the treats - After all halloween is our most favourite time of year.

With only a few more days to go who knows what secrets could be ready to burst out from behind door number 31. One thing is for sure, it's going to be epic!

If you've been anything like us and keeping updated with all the latest open doors you will obviously already know about the spooky collection of still life photography we have showcased throughout with some having a few strange tales of terror to tell...

We thought it would be insightful to devote this blog post to shine a spotlight down on the now completed collection and slightly lift the veil to each story as they all have something to tell.


"Life after death offerings blessed to ward off evil spirits..."

For these first set of images we ventured to an old victorian graveyard located just beyond the gates of our town. It is said to be home to many of my departed family ancestors, some which have long been lost in the mists of time. 

We wanted to recreate a small scene inspired by día de los muertos (Day of the Dead). 

Altar of the Voodoo Priest

"Looks like Papa Joe has gone out hunting for some more chicken feet again!
Best be on lookout who knows when or where he could reappear..."

Yes those are really chicken feet freshly purchased from Ebay! We wanted to be a realistic as possible when creating each scene.

The Bruja Dresser

"Mama Sicilia loves a good party, the only thing is she never gets invited..." - wonder why?

A terrifying tale dreamed up to scare children. An evil witch who lives in a ramshackled house, tortured and hung for her evil ways only now to return upon all hallows eve with a savage thirst for a bloody revenge to all those who had shunned her.

Those who lay beneath

"No corn tastes sweeter than that which has been grown from the ground up. It must be something to do within the soil, these fields hold secrets..."

Inspired by the movie 'Children Of The Corn' we had to under the cover of day sneak into a farmer's field to take this photo - As if we didn't look any more suspicious wondering around with a shovel and a severed head!

The Forgotten

"Sleeping slumbers lay dormant and undisturbed, the devil lurks around every corner"

 "Twisted fingers and twiddling hands rise up from beneath the forest ground..."

"Trembling footsteps shall they wake the earth begins to crack and quake.."

"For these are, the deathly remains of the killed forgotten to one day reclaim that which has been taken"

This series of images must have been the most elaborate setup we've done for the whole collection. Believe it or not but actually they were created within a kind of studio environment! 

Lots of messy mud fun.

(See below for a sneak before and after shot) 


"Widow Winifred was once a great seamstress who was praised by all in the village for her god given talents, until the day came when she took her hand to a new kind of fabric. Soft as baby skin, smoother than silk... "Lets play Hide and Shriek!"

The last two photos created for this collection, not our best but still agreed looking at the style and scenery it just as much has a story to tell don't you think?

Hopefully after all this your imagination must be running wild! Tis the time to gather round night sky campfires and spin up some tales of terror! 

Happy Halloween!

Photography and Designs By Mystic Magic


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