Flower trails in a Sleeping circle, Behind the scenes of a Fairytale

"And from this slumber you shall wake, when true love's kiss, the spell shall break." - Merryweather

9 years on and finally like a magnetizing tie pulling us to a distant home we've found ourselves coming full circle back to where it all began, the birth of Mystic Magic...

Having once tread upon the luscious green grounds of Norborough as nothing more than a starry eyed kid traveling with the Fairyland Trust showcasing my array of mystical crafts, only to now return with those same star filled eyes but having achieved so much more in finding my place within the world.

Each step was like a hazy blast from the past but one of a different nature as this time we was granted full access allowing us to explore the house and grounds to find the perfect settings for our 'Back To Life' Sleeping Beauty styled photo shoot. Not even the gloomy weather could wash the excitement from our faces.

Armed with a fantastic team and photography by Chris Biele (PixBeat Photo), We also had the pleasure for the first time to welcome in a pro artistic videographer (James Calyden) to help bring an all new enhancing experience.

Waking up nice and early on May 28th no matter how much advanced preparations we do, in true fashion Mystic Magic somehow always ends up running behind schedule!

Months of long planning and organisation have lead up to this exact day. As with every photo shoot I like to take things that little bit further to improve the extravagance of Mystic Magic's imagination in hopes to one day be able to recreate an identical image from within my mind.

No expenses were cut in gathering elaborate props and crafting all our unique dazzling diamond and floral designs to be featured. This fairytale means business!

We teamed up with the lovely Lucy from 'Follow Your Heart' to borrow a selection of beautiful clothing that fitted our style and model perfectly. While on the prop side of things we was given the jaw dropping opportunity to use a gorgeous handmade bed from 'Wrought iron and Brass Bed co'.

Arriving on site was like driving up to the queens summer palace or at least how I would imagine it to be. Everyone else was already acquainted and settled in just awaiting for our presence to get started.

Although the weather was rather dull and drizzly for the better part of the day, time seemed to fly by with lots of laughter and fun. Hair and makeup from Freya Wenonah and Patricia Szubska was stunningly beautiful as was our model Ieva Raustyte who looked like a sleeping vision in every scene. We couldn't have hoped for anything better.

Working away to 9:30 in the evening when the sun's light had faded and the biting mossies were out in force, our last photo was completed.

To sum up a sneaky taster to the story behind our fairytale photo shoot, we wanted to recreate a warped version on the traditional Sleeping Beauty. And with the new release of Walt Disney's Maleficent Movie we wanted to produce something that stands a million miles apart as I'm sure everyone knows by now how exhausted this theme has been played out.

Our story is solely about a modern day version of Aurora who has fell victim to a tragic accident sending her into a comatose sleeping slumber. The soon to be released fashion video and images will foretell her journey traveling through a dream realm to finding a way back to her human body.

Although we haven't got much to show as yet, for now we'll leave you with a teaser snapshot and a link to the music that helped fuel our inspiration... Enjoy!

Special thanks to all our assistants and team involved, especially Georgie and the wonderful owners of Narborough Hall. 

Chris Biele - PixBeat Photo
James Clayden - Videography
Ellie Beile - Creative Director

Mystic Magic - stylist and designer 

Patricia Szubska - Makeup Artist
Freya Wenonah - Hair Stylist

Marika Akula - Photography Assistant
Sharon and Dean Pearce - Assistants

Lucy - Follow Your Heart clothing
Harry - Wrought iron and Brass Bed co. 

Narborough Hall Gardens - Location

Behind The Scenes Photography By
Chris Biele
Dean Pearce


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