Lover's Trust and The Trailing Smokes of Time!

It's a beginning to a new year and already our Mystic diary is being jam packed with photo shoots, offers and so many opportunities. Our heads are spinning with excitement overdrive, and this is just within the first month!

Think we can safely say Mystic Magic is now in the spotlight for an epic and unforgettable year...

And queue in the celebration smoke grenades! One of the funniest group photos ever!!!

Like with most traditions we agree the best start is to have a fresh start. To clear out the clutter and welcome in with the new, only keeping those who we most enjoy the company of.

Towards the end of last year we might have mentioned about being approached by a fantastical new photographer on the scene, Adrian Farr, and that we had a wonderful meeting with him to discuss future collaboration plans for this year. Well, last Sunday (19th) saw the first of these collaborations come to life in a truly colorful smoke filled way!

The magical mist that fills the air as if from a fairytale dream...
 (Strangely doesn't taste as how I imagined it to be!)  

Combined with promotional purposes for this years Norwich Fashion Week and to help showcase upcoming talents from those that truly are the ones to watch, we was welcomed into Adrian's unique circle. This was made up a team featuring some of the best creative minds in and around Norwich, makeup and hair artists, stylists, designers, assistants, photographers, a videographer and of course the main Photographer Adrian.

Capturing the serene stillness before the coming chaos, Adrian Farr.

Exciting Videography skills by James Clayden.

The theme for this shoot was to be inspired for Valentines day with a darkened controversial background story of two lovers who grew apart but yet overcame the journey to once again elope through a shadowed affair. Based upon the thorny flowers of roses red and purple, each intricately planned photo foretells how the purple flower goes in search of finding her red rose to once again be reunited in their blossoming passion.

The job given to us was to create a set of beautiful floral head wear and a neck ruffle to help project the lover's tale. Having this been our first time working with Adrian, we wanted to make sure that everything was up to standards of how he pictured seeing the vision in his mind.

After what seemed like weeks of planning and a multitude of  Facebook messaging on over 3 different conversations, we finally managed to rustle up some richly beautiful designs...

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Having little sleep from being so excitied and an extremely early start we all met up at a empty house on the outskirts of Norwich where the hair and makeup team worked their creative magic while stylist Abi Gray started to prep the clothing looks with a little help from us too. Additional tweaks were later planed to be done on location.

From the left, Hair Stylist Leanne Maddock, Model Anna Konstantinovicsh, Makeup/photographer Patricia Szubska.
Additional hair and makeup team, Meriel Garland, Kerry Curl. 

Once all acquainted and ready to go, like a parading convoy of cars following a white van, we each traveled to the forest location of Ringland Hills. And then after a short adventurous trek deep into the enchanting tree filled landscape we were finally ready to set up base camp. 

The weather was freezingly finger snapping cold and having it been raining throughout the night as well, the ground was pretty slushy but with a task at hand everyone all pulled in and carried on with cheerful smiles. 
Thank the stars for the invention of warm clothing, wellies and hiking boots! 

Smiley Kerry Curl from Missy Vintage, hair and makeup stylist.
From left, Photography assistants Katie and Amy. 

As the day progressed with flourishing fabrics flying and colored smoke trails drifting in the air, there was multitasking upon and epic scale of quick costume changes, refreshing hair and makeup and even us with our creative input were also roped into helping style up some elaborate looks too. 
It was like watch a fully functional fashion makeover machine! 

Corsets designed and created by Boom! Boom! Baby!

A huge amount of flowing fabric...

Model Molly Robbo being fitted with one of our secret Mystic Magic headpieces.

Moving on from one photo setup to the next we barely had any sunlight apart from a brief glimmering moment of warmth that broke free though the grey clouded skies like the sun beams of heaven beautifully shining down upon the final last few images of the day. It was most angelic and yet gracefully welcomed. 

Take a peek behind the lens!

Assistant Matt in the background holding up a giant sun deflector!

Having had such a fantastic time all round with plenty of flashing cameras and many funny moments we finally called it a day when the dusk started to once again settle in bringing forth with it a new night. 

Videography in progress...

I for one would just like to say on on behalf of all Mystic Magic a heart filled thank you to everyone especially Adrian for involving us in your latest project. It has been a great honor to have worked with such a fabulous team of accepting and creative individuals. I most look forward to collaborating with each of you again throughout this year, plus can not wait to see the finished results to all our hard work!

First collaboration shoot of the year! Mystic Magic 2014.

Behind the Scenes Photography By
Patricia Szubska
Kerry Curl


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