Mystic Magic's Top 10 Of 2013

What other words can best describe our experience than the simple three letters of,
Looking back on the highlights of this year we have only just realise how far we have actually travelled. From catwalk shows to Norwich Fashion Week, amazing photo shoots and even as promised in our exclusive interview with Urban Coco, we have had a spectacular display of spotlights and editorial features from a wide variety of magazines including Vogue and Tatler!   
Join us as we take on the adventurous countdown of the top 10 Mystic Magic highlights of 2013!... 

10. A Royal Encounter
Back in May we took part in creating a set of photos to promote and showcase our Red Riding Hood catwalk look, AKA 'Project RED'. Along with the Mystic Magic team, Photographer Chris Biele and his two assistants, we had planned to shoot at a fairytale church located in the quaint village of Wolferton. But due to a surprising and unforeseen visit by none other than the Queen herself casually driving by in a black country car! we was soon apprehended by police followed by much questioning and then kindly escorted to a new secret location on the Sandringham Estate which in fact turned out to be a far more perfect setting!

None of us can even begin to imagine what mad thoughts everyone must have been thinking seeing model Nicola dressed in Royal red, but all agreed this was definitely a day to never forget!...
9. A Most Curious Wedding Fair
After great success from last years 2012 wedding fair Mystic Magic returned yet again to promote our creative wedding inspired talents. Featuring on almost every catwalk and giving a helping hand to some of the new contenders for the 2013 Bridal Next competition, we was one of the star exhibitors.

8. Peterborough Catwalk
A fashion show for charity, this was our first popup appearance in the concrete city of Peterborough. A huge thank you to Lucy (Follow Your Heart) for inviting us to take part. The set out and attention to detail down to the petal covered floors was by far one of the most well organised shows we've had the pleasure to be apart of! 

7. Bespoke Designs and Feedback
Throughout this year we have had some wonderful challenges and feedback given by many of our amazing customers who of which have allowed us to go wild with imagination to create them a truly unique design with the signature Mystic Magic twist! 

Your excitement and satisfaction gives us life to go on and for this we want to take time to say a BIG Thank You to each and everyone, for without you we'd be nothing more than a dim speck of stardust falling from the sky.

"Thank you again for all the time you put into making such fantastic pieces, I love them :)" - Steph
"Dear Mystic Magic, The butterfly mask arrived today and truly is a sight to behold! I'm so excited and can't wait to wear it for my party! Thank you so much for all your hard work." - Molly

 "Wow!!! My headpiece looks amazing! definitely worth the wait. Thank you! :)" - Betsy

6. Collaborations
This year has seen some of Mystic Magic's most exciting top collaborations with a wide variety of talented people, from Photographers such as Carmen Goetz to international stylists like Sissy Vian and  Lydia Tidmarsh, we've also had the pleasure of sending some of our designs off to the Norwich Fashion Week team and even Milan! 
Editorial photography By Carmen Goetz featuring Mystic Magic's Medusa Headpiece.

With already collaborations and golden bridges being lined up for next year, we are preparing for an even more explosive adventure!
Upcoming Photographers like Adrian Farr are just one of the many new faces that we're looking forward to be working with in 2014.

5. Magazine Features
From NOW to Dark Beauty, FAE to Coco, We have been so lucky with all the amazing magazine and news article features that have magically sprung up throughout the year. Never in a million days did we think our designs would be splashed out on glossy pages!

"Like a dream come true every time my mind melts with that indescribable feeling of when you first get to pickup a book from the local shop shelf, to flick through its pages and see something of your own creation gazing back in all it's glory. The sense of achievement is breath taking."

4. Photo Shoots and Behind The Scenes
In at the heart we spend most of our time planning photo shoots to help promote and bring the creations of Mystic Magic to life. Many never get to see and enjoy the full excitement of what actually goes on behind the camera including all 100% hard work from the vast team of stylists, makeup and hair artist, assistants and of course the photographer, not forgetting the amazing endurance of models too!
Often only the polished end results are show but never the less the journey to gain these wonderful finished photographic works of art is all the more interesting...
Whether it's a country manor house, creepy forest or just a sparkling meadow brook, we have taken on the highs and lows of every stunning location and when seen possible snapped a few Behind The Scenes shots too, capturing every treasured moment to be remember for all of time.  

3. VOGUE and TATLER Designer Profiles
During the summer months we was given a huge opportunity to have a Designer profile featured in British Vogue and Tatler. Showing a spotlight review we gained much feedback and many wonderful proposals.

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Tatler Summer Designers Profile  

This has to be one of the biggest triumphs of this year making it into our top two special moments. With an all exclusive Steampunk Couture inspired collection the feedback was unanimous, Mystic Magic's reputation has once again stunned the people of Norwich in creating jaw dropping designs that not only have pushed the boundaries but also set an unforgettable standard of  creativeness extending us from island of masquerade into the world of fashion... 

Seeing what went on behind the scenes was like a whirl wind of emotions as one by one our creations were brought to life like monsters of beauty. We couldn't have hoped for anything better!

  Once again Thank you to all the backstage hair and makeup team for working your magic talents to perfection.

And finally The Top Number 1 Highlight Of 2013...
1. The Many Faces Of Mystic Magic
This year we couldn't have asked for anything more than what we have already achieved in so many ways. Some may have seen it as a difficult choice, but for us this was actually one of the most easiest decisions making up of not only a single moment but rather a collection of unforgettable experiences. From the events we have taken part in, to photo shoots and all round support, we only wish that there was something more to give other than a simple Thank You as it just doesn't seem to express the full appreciation of what shines out from within Mystic Magic. We  owe our very success down to the everyday people that we've worked with, faces new and old.
To be able to have collaborated with such a fantastic and diverse range of creative minds from a whole spectrum of talented levels, we truly feel gifted. Everyone has the power to light their own spark, for when we are brought together as a team the real magic shines out from within all of us in its purist form.
Mystic Magic is not just a brand, it is a beacon of light, a star that shines bright giving chance and experience to all those who have a quality of talent beating from within them. For when we rise to the night sky we shall carry all those willing with open arms.
We always aim to please and bring an unforgettable experience to those who have the pleasure of work with us and for this we promise next year will be an even more spectacular adventure than ever before, one that we hope to share every step of the way.
Signing Off,
Mystic Magic


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