Queen Of The Dead Photo Shoot

Smoke, Camera, Action!

Earlier last month we was contacted by Photographer Dale Richards who was interested in having us collaborate with him for his latest upcoming photo shoot. Inspired by all things Gothic and given the theme 'Queen Of The Dead', he wanted us to design him a unique black raven feathered dress. And sous began our first bespoke clothing order...
Having only gained a small amount of experience from piecing together a steampunk catwalk collection for Norwich Fashion Week 2013, our knowledge for clothing design was pretty limited.

Up until now Mystic Magic has only specialised in creating mask and head wear designs for any occasion. This was set to be an exciting adventure for us all which also happens to fit nicely in with the theme of our latest upcoming Religious Redemption collection (Soon to be released! 2014).
The movement of change has started!

After several designs later, a whole load of text book teaching and of course the Mystic Magic imagination, the final dress design was complete. A couture creation of lace, feathers, layered material and sequins.

With a plan down and a date set we ventured out into the cold autumns weather to meet up with Dale Richards, makeup artist Julie flatman and the beautiful model Lindsey Ann for the on location shoot at Brandon country park, situated in the deep dark depths of Thetford forest.
"While traveling in the backseat of the car I had a moment of madness and like true creative brilliance managed to rustle up a sequin and feathered headpiece to accessorise with the dress!"
Once we had met and gotten aquatinted to everyone, model Lindsey got dresses up and prepared for a freezing cold walk through the wet scenery. Truly she is a devoted professional! 
Finally reaching the main location of what seemed to be a randomly dropped well preserved derelict Victorian mausoleum isolated in the forest! Dale had obviously prepared well for the shoot as everything went like clock work perfection.

We even had special fog effects improvised by a DIY combination of compressed air and of all things baby talc!
As the light began to fade we were all still marching on with a hysterical high thanks to the comical ramblings of Mystic Magic assistant Sharon Pearce, who now noted should never be left in charge of the makeshift smoke spray!!! 
With the time flying by and the temperatures dropping, we found ourselves working in complete darkness with nothing but our tiny phones acting as beacons of light guiding us through the blacken forest grounds. It was time to call it a day...
Mystic Magic would love to give a huge thank you to Photographer Dale for including us in his amazing shoot, Julie for creating rocking cool makeup and hair styling and most of all model Lindsey for brining the whole look to life in freezing cold conditions!
Stay tuned for the finished results coming soon!

Behind the Scenes Photography By
Dean Pearce


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