'Project RED' Photo Shoot

'If You go down in the woods today - you're sure of a BIG surprise!...' 
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And so it was that Mystic Magic, including the photography talents of Chris Biele from PixBeat Photo and the stunningly beautiful model Nicola, converged on a quaint woodland church in the pretty village of Wolferton to photograph our Project RED.
Unknown to us someone else had also decided to make a private visit to an adjoining secret country house and promptly dispatched the Royal Protection Squad to move us on!

So after much enquiring, questioning and note taking the police were pleased to escort us onto St Marys, another church which although in ruins actually provided and proved a much better location. 

Perched on the highest point for miles around it gave a commanding view of the stunning Norfolk countryside. Thank you your Majesty!
A good afternoon was spent with various setups within the tiny church ruins and as you can see great results were achieved.

It also gave an opportunity to complete our little promo video that had been started on a few days previous...
A huge thank you to Chris and his assistants for creating an amazing collection of beautiful photos and of course Nicola Dorman for being such a fabulous model.
Together you've all helped to bring yet another one of our Mystic Magic visions to life!
Thank you!!

Photography By
Photography Assistants
Amy and Becky
Art Doll Created By


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