A Mystic Magic Mayday!

WARNING Mayday Fashionista in the Bushes! 
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To launch our latest three piece Mayday collection Mystic Magic went in search of some spectacular blossom trees for it's backdrop, but the question was could we actually find any?...

The answer is in the resulting pictures, which is why the chosen destination of a rippling brook and the beautiful surrounding countryside of Castle Acre became a worthy substitute. 

Both myself,  (photographer and Model friend) Nicola and (Mystic Magic assistant) Sharon went all out on dressing up in a Pagan/Amish style to help showcase the series of Mayday hat, festival headpiece and a creepy cool feathered fury mask creation.
But despite getting a few strange looks from local dog walkers and hikers, plus scaring a few school kids on their way home!!!
we had a really fun and productive afternoon posing beside the glistening stream and crawling through the leafy undergrowth.
With some quite stunning pictures achieved. A week on from the shoot and you've guessed it -  blossom EVERYWHERE!!!
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