Mystic Magic does the Fashion Mash Up at Norwich Fashion Week 2013

Like a dream come true we have finally made it onto the big time, Norwich Fashion Week!
Given the opportunity of a lifetime the Wonderful Emma Harrowing from the EDP newspaper offered us a place on the stunning catwalks of Norwich. But not only was it just that as later on we then found out to our shocking surprise we were going to be in the epic closing show and actually were to be the final collection bring a grand ending to the whole fashion week!!
Filled with uncontrollable fits of excitement we were truly honoured...
"This time last year I was looking at fashion week photos in the paper unknowingly realising in my wildest dreams that I would soon become apart of it!"

In a blur whirlwind of glitter, lights, diamonds and plenty of hairspray, on the night of the show at the Norwich Playhouse Theatre, armed with my family and friends, we were whisked away through front doors and straight down a maze of backstage corridors to a small but quaint dressing room filled to the top with clothes, pro models, makeup and hair stylists. This is where we were set to be stationed blind eyed throughout the whole amazing show experience with nothing but a mysterious sound box to listen to.   

This was also where all the action really happened and I wouldn't ever want to change it!
Emotions, panic, madness but also great organisation, moments of strange calmness, interest and massive amounts of magical creativity all under one roof, it was almost like heaven!
"The wonderful things that unknowingly go on behind the blackened curtains of a stage that an audience will never truly see." 
All feeding off from one another's creativity, makeup artists from the Jackie Hamilton School of Beauty, hair stylists from Brian Coombes Hairdressing , lip ladies and along with our visionary input. Together we created eight different key looks to showcase and present with our Steampunk Couture collection. 

And then with the final grand release of our eagerly awaited Project RED brought a jaw dropping close to an evening of stunning fashion and entertainment with live music from local up and coming bands including Nina Baker, Jake Morrell and Lettie.

"Like a proud parent watching their child performing on stage at a school play, I was overwhelmed with happiness!"
A huge never ending thank you to everyone who has helped make one of our all time Mystic Magic dreams come true,
Thank You!!!
Photography By Chris Biele at PixBeat Photo 
If you are interested in buying any costumes, props, masks or headpieces that were created and used in our fashion week Steampunk Collection please visit the Mystic Magic website or write to us at


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