At last it's finally here, a wonderful collection of finished photos with a sinister grunge theme that come with words of warning from our Project Alice Photo shoot.
And to accompany it we've even got a brilliant photographic video too!...
With inspiration gathered from looking through Brothers Grimm fairytale books and various styles of artistic photography, we set out to achieve a totally unique and different take on the traditional Alice in Wonderland story.
Mystic Magic
We wanted to bring forth a selection of the characters and see what they would be like if dropped into a state of modern day reality.
Mystic Magic
Focusing more on a what was lurking beneath the surface, we delved deep in to the mad mindsets of each individual character to unlock and bring out their inner evil and darker personalities.
Alice became an innocent girl influenced by drugs and easily manipulated by others. Swept up into a dream world of psychedelic illusions where the line between reality and make believe has mashed into one.   
The Caterpillar was created to be someone surrounded with mystery,
were they ever really there or was it just a mirage??
Tired haggard makeup was achieved to show the aged effects of neglect and from smoking! 
 White Rabbit was the voice of reason, someone who stayed composed throughout. Bullied and forced in to wear a scary macabre gas mask, he was a helping hand dragged into the darkness and pressured to stay silent.
A Queen of Hearts to be feared. Emotionless, obsessive and driven mad from being alone, all she wants is to be loved but when things don't work out to her liking, the murderous red mist descends leaving nothing but severed heads for company.
She doesn't wear red for no reason!
The Tweedle Twins are playful children at heart but hast to realise that time still flies by when having fun.  With destructive personalities, they've been given a ghostly outgrown drowned look from a previous life.
Still they long for the day their mother returns to join them...
Tarnished, tattered and smelling of tea, like usual our mad hatter loves a party and makes for a good conversation, that's if and when he's not talking to the voices in his head!
 Finally the Dormouse and Cheshire Cat, never should be trusted and both are very sneaky.
We wanted to give them a good part to play and as it was they strangely became the top villians pulling the strings in our Wonderland tale of terror.

We give out a huge thank you to all the stunning models and everyone who took part in helping us to achieve all these amazing photos. We look forward to working with you all again soon.
It has been epic!
Photography by
Chris Biele - PixBeat Photo
Assistant Photographers
Kerry Ibrom and Simon Adams
Hair styling and Makeup By



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