Moth Mask And The Wedding Dress

Suddenly awoken by ringing clock bells extremely early upon a freezing cold snowing Sunday morning.
Today is the day of our latest in a first of hopefully many yet to come of an all Mystic Magic production photo shoot, showcasing a most beautiful vamped up wedding dress handmade by our lovely Jess Andrews. And to accompany it we especially made a unique golden twig moth mask, created with using the moths from our Project Alice shoot.
Some of you may remember this wonderful vintage styled statement piece from the Bridal Next catwalk of the Most Curious Wedding Fair last year in Norwich. This along with our Ethereal Pearl mask was said to have been the mind blowing jaw droppers that won us the title of
'Most Curious One To Watch 2012'!
After little though we had decided we wanted to create something truly magical to show off this amazing dress for one last time in all it stunning glory. And so we began to brainstorm!...
Then as if by heavenly singing angels above had heard our ideas, snow magically arrived overnight. With no time to loose we'd set out to get everything quickly organised within less than a week hoping that we could use this wonderful weather to our advantage.

We managed to find a brave and daring young model (Victoria Harvey) that was up for the challenge to be photoed in the ice cold conditions along with a few props, 2 photography cameras and some funny web spray!!
Although we had decided on where to shoot, we still needed to find the perfect place to set up and after a good amount of time driving around the Sandringham estate looking for this golden glow setting, we finally found it down an enchanted secret forbidden road.
Nestled neatly in a surrounding of snow covered rhododendron bushes we began to setup a picture perfect scene using paper lanterns, lace, candlesticks and flying web spray that went everywhere other than where it was meant to go!...
Once completed and in position we were ready. With Jess and me being the photographers, the model's coat was whipped off and the dazzling star sparkled camera flashes began.

As it was numbingly cold we wanted to get everything done in quick timing with having short warming up intervals so that our model wouldn't end up as a frosty snowman!
Like any photographer will tell you taking photos is just the first step in creating a finished picture. We had to sort through all the hundreds of photos to pic out the best bits, then sort through them to choose the final snap shots to be edited and finally the long process of editing begins...
So many styles to choose from amongst all the tweaking dials and sliding editing colour bars, each change creating a whole new look to our photos. The creativity was endless and so was the time spent on each picture.
Having this be our first time at properly editing a photo shoot, we now truly can understand the amount of work, headaches and effort that every professional photographer has to put into their work. Its just like creating a painting but on a computer, it takes a tremendous amount of artistic talent.

Photography By
Ashley Pearce
Jess Andrews
(Mystic Magic)

Modelling By
Victoria Harvey

Behind The Scenes Assistance
 Ashley Pearce
Jess Andrews
Stephen Claxton
Sharon Pearce


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